Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just Because...

1. So I went to this party an amazing penthouse apartment with views of the city. It was beautifully maintained and the party was really well organized – there was a bartender, the food was catered and the crowd was beautiful. The thing that bothered me though, was it seemed as if nobody was having a good time. Everyone seemed to be too absorbed by their new Gucci loafers or their Alexander McQueen scarf turned ascot. After 15 minutes I was bored and ready to depart. I needed a little something more – something more festive. Am I asking for too much?

2. Do we do sex parties? Is there protocol?

3. I’m going to see the Noah’s Arc movie this weekend, but isn’t the DL Chronicles like a million times better?

4. I thought Miracle at St. Ana was an amazing movie. In fact, I think I’m going to do a throwback look and rock a part like Laz Alonzo.

5. I love Thelma Golden!

6. I joined a book club and the focus right now is James Baldwin.

7. I kind of love the Housewives of Atlanta. It’s such a guilty pleasure.

8. A friend of mine is moving to Atlanta in high hopes of taking the city by storm. He thinks that his NY swagger will have Atlantans dazed and confused. I’m not sure if he knows what he’s getting himself into. Is Atlanta overrated?

9. Author and I used that really loosely, Zane, has a series on cinemax entitle Sex Chronicles, also the title of a series of her best selling books. I watched the first two episodes this past weekend and was under whelmed. The script was cheesy and the sex scenes were whack as hell. It’s really disheartening because black erotica on cable is almost unheard of, the fact that it fails to at the very least be hot is very disappointing. I don’t want to see titties flapping for 30 minutes or listen to the cheesy porn-like music.
10. I lost my blackberry last week. Other than losing numbers I may never get again, I realized that there were a number of not so appropriate pictures that were stored in my phone. I’m just going to shake my head.
11. My birthday is next week. I’ve had a recent obsession with nudity, and I am considering doing some semi-nude pictures for my birthday. I’m not sure if I’m beach body ready though? In fact, I’m not, but I am still excited by the whole idea of it.
12. I’m moving to Brooklyn.
13. I feel a little bit out of touch with all the economic stuff that’s happening right now. I have not felt any changes.
14. When I return to law school I have decided to do a joint program – getting a JD and a PhD. Call me Dr.
15. Happy Birthday Scorpios!


one soulful negro. said...

1. no it's not too much to ask. i was actually discussing a dinner party that a friend and i want to throw and the things you want are exactly how i want ours to be.

2. i don't know. i've never thought about going to one. i don't even know how to find one or be invited to one. lol

3. i personally think the DL chronicles are much better, but i did have some issues with it.

4. i still need to see it. i feel so behind in everything right now. lol

5. so i don't know who she is because.

*adds her to list of things he needs to look up*

6. i am still very excited about that. have you finished 'the fire next time' yet?

7. haven't gotten into it. t.v and i have been very distant lately.

8. i don't know much about atlanta, but i hear SOOOOO much about it, i am slightly scared.

9. never read any of zane's books. i've never been moved. i just am so disappointed with the state of black author's today. just a very, very sad state.

10. maybe it's my naiveté, but the cab company doesn't have ways of retrieving stuff like that? i am still sorry that you lost it.

11. i was thinking about that earlier. you excited?

12. very exciting!

13. i was thinking the same things this morning. i really wanted to know who is being affected by the economic problems because from what i am watching & understanding from the news and hearing from analysts it's only really affecting major corporations and high-class people.

14. really? i'm stoked! wow.

15. indeed!

life said...

1 I don't know why people act like that at a party. You are suppose to mingle with the people there...freak your shoes.


3 it was sold out...booo

Atlanta is whatever you want it to be. His NY swagger will not present the kids with anything new.

Take your pics and enjoy it!

Corey Keith said...

I have never done a sex party but you know I would love to... Something just keep me back... probably the fear of Venereal Diseases!

Atlanta is not overrated! Trust me!

Gary T. P. said...

You tell your friend not to move down here doin too much...Atlanta will chew him and spit him back to NYC...the protocol for sex parties is that you don't talk about them....I need DL Chronicles to do more for their sex scenes...that misty soft porn look...

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